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Name:Ballast Water Management System

Product Description

Ballast Water Management System

For the ship's ballast water, this specialtreatment object, it expert designs enhanced physical technology (EPT)including hydrocyclone separation filter +ultrasonic wave pre-treatment +UVreactor disinfection, uses powerful function to rapidly treat ballast water, soas to complete the ballast and discharge during loading and unloading, thetreated ballast water discharge following treatment completely meets therequirement of International Maritime Organization (IMO) and United StatesCoast Guard (USCG)

This Ballast water management system has typeapproval by IMO, Class certification include CCS, DNV/GL, BV, ABS,

1.BWMS first stage - Hydrocyclone

no mesh, no maintenance part, simpleexpansion, noiseless, high-end duplex stainless steel, distributed installation,no moving parts, no service time limit, can be tilted for no more than 45degree to install.

can filter out more than 98% microbes andsolid particles that bigger than 50 μm

filter out 95% microbes and solid particlesthat amount 20μm to 50μm

2. BWMS US prefilter- Best companion withUV to sterilize

The ultrasonic vibrator is very fast andhighly clean module, it does not have any manual work, and there is no damageto the parts. Ultrasonic waves produce cavitation, which produces a range ofeffects such as shear force, pressure, local heating, and the generation offree radicals. Through the combined action of three parts, the treated ballastwater can reach IMO discharge standard.

3. BWMS UV Moduel

The uv module design provides an average exposure dose of 200 ~ 250mJ/cm3/h. UV module can effectively kill zooplankton, phytoplankton, algae, microorganisms, bacteria and viruses

4. Distributed installation

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